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We like to keep it simple.
We buy premium grade green coffee beans & roast them to

recipes we've developed & honed through years of experience.
From humble beginnings as a small cafe in Kings Cross in 2005,

in 2010 we turned our focus to roasting and delivering a

delicious coffee experience to people's homes & businesses.
Our coffee philosophy is simple: Flavour first.
We believe coffee is a daily necessity, therefore we purposely keep our prices as low as possible

to support our community where we can.
We hope you'll enjoy!
Sara, Emma & Pete


Lift Off is our multi award winning house blend.
It is a sweet & smooth blend of premium grade

Brazilian, Guatemalan and Papua New Guinean Beans.
A multi award winner in both the espresso & milk coffee categories, Lift Off is perfect any way you like - short & neat, long & black, weak & milky or double shot strong & creamy.

Big Bang is the home automatic coffee machine specialist - Super flavourful in any auto machine.
The problem with home machines is that often the basket size is smaller than a commercial shop. That means less ground coffee being used per coffee. While that's great for saving $$$, it often means that coffees are less flavourful, more weak & milky.

The answer is our carefully crafted blend Big Bang.
We designed it especially for milk coffees & automatic coffee machines - It's full of strength and flavour which will deliver even in a smaller basket situation.
A touch of estate quality robusta gives that extra caffeine kick.

Rich smokey chocolate flavours provide the perfect amount of cut through in this blend.


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