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We're all about


premium coffee + personal service + unbeatable value


...and that's exactly what we'll bring to your event!





Standard Package Includes:

- Multi award winning Lift Off coffee beans

- Chai Latte

- Hot Chocolate

- Milk, Sugar, Swetener

- Barista

- Machine + Grinder

- Take away Coffee Cups

Let us help you make your event the envy of all your guests!


cremastar coffee people dancing
cremastar coffee coffee table

Contact us for pricing and customisation

Thanks for your enquiry! We look forward to making your event awesome!

Package Extras:

- Extended coffee service

- Additional guests (over 70 people)

Soy Milk

- Vitasoy Cafe for Baristas

- Bonsoy 

If there is anything that you don’t see above, please ask!

We are able and happy to accomodate most requests.

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